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For the past several years, the number of people living in shelters and on the streets has remained relatively steady. Data from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development shows that in 2020, 2,932 people in San Antonio were experiencing homelessnes - 1,274 living on the streets, or unsheltered. That total number rose just over 2 percent compared to 2019. 

Most people experiencing homelessness are individuals (70%) with the rest being families with children. Children account for approximately 20% of all homeless persons. Unaccompanied youth (those 24 and under) account for 6% of individuals. Males are significantly more likely to experience homelessness than women, who account for just 30% of singles

There are many reasons why an individual may find themselves homeless. One certainly is low income due to lack of education or job skills. The Helping Hands Fund works to remedy these barriers. By gifting two San Antonio's organizations fighting homelessness (SAMM and Haven for Hope), Helping Hands enables case managers to identify needs and see that the funds are disbursed where and when they are needed most.

Items funded include:

  • Culinary school uniforms

  • Books and study guides

  • License recertification - cosmetology, pharmacy tech, barber

  • College entrance exams

  • Certified Peer Support training

  • Speech therapy

  • Dental work

  • Child care

  • Computer desk

  • Bus passes

  • Tools - grooming shears, knives

  • Bikes, lock, and helmets

  • Medical assistant program

  • and so many more!

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